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Our PhiloSOAPYhy ~


oap is just a fraction of what we make at Slippery When Wet. All of our products are handmade in small batches to produce a better product. We use oils that are safe and pure for your skin with little or no preservatives.


ur Soaps are hand poured, cured for 4 weeks and hand cut before we sell them. No two bars are exactly alike. Our soap is packaged in paper your to wrap in your own packaging to sell. We offer a variety of scents with fragrance oils and Essential Oils for a custom soap made just for you!


ll of our wholesale lotions and balms are processed the day you place your order. We want our lotions and balms to be freshly made for you! Please expect a few days of turnaround for you order. If there are delays, we will contact you with updates.


ampering is what we love to do the most! Whether it's with our Cuticle Balm Base or our Luscious Body Butter Base which is our best seller! All made rich with Shea Butters and rich oils for your skin.


ome of our clients want custom made lotions and butters. We can work with you to make your products that reflect your business. Prices will vary depending on what ingredients you choose.

Wholesale Bases

- For those who love natural bath and body products, but just don't have the time or space to create their own products. Slippery When Wet is offering bases that are sold in large quanities. Most bases are unscent unless noted. All bases will be made to order to ensure the freshest product possible!

New this year is our different shipping methods. We do our best to ship your bases the safest and most ECONOMICAL way possible. We've found that we can put 2 gallons of lotion or body butter bases in heat sealed 6 mil bags that fit perfectly in a Large Flat Rate Box. This is a big savings for those who hate to pay high shipping rates. There is a $50.00 minimun per order on your FIRST order only.


We are a small company located in Eden Prairie, MN

Slippery When Wet

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